Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well, what a neat site

I am thankful for the internet. NOT only do I learn how to braid my hair 100+ ways, find recipes for amazing things to bake but I get SO MUCH HELP with earning money for college! The idea of college is one of the few positive influences helping me survive senior year and thanks to Cappex I am able to EASILY, easily sign up for scholarships. This AMAZING website even links you directly to the scholarship's website and even gives you cute email reminders of when deadlines are!!!! They even give you an estimate of how many people are applying, which helps narrow down which scholarships should have more time dedicated to. The power that this site has on your life is UNBELIEVABLE because they also link you to hundreds of colleges!! While on the site, there are links to chances you have to being accepted to the college and scholarships are narrowed down to suit YOUR NEEDS-NOT THEIRS. Colleges are literally looking for you and in turn for your time in trying to research more about college, these universities will make learning more about their campus easier because they can send you pamphlets and emails to you! I feel like i'm in Costco whenever I log on the site because everything is on this site!! How long has it been since you’ve been to Costco? Did you receive a taster food sample? How happy did you feel for this scrumptious piece of free help in fulfilling your cravings! Cappex can fill your academic cravings. This website right here http://www.cappex.com/index.jsp will save you with paying back loans and future headaches for school! Woohoo! Money for our high potential-filled futures! I hope to talk to you guys more about it. Side note: this addicting song called "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons isn't even half as good as the website is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu-xFvLaE68! DO YOU WANT MONEY FOR YOUR FUTURE? Well sign up, kay? okay!