Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Composition of My Friends.

My friends are pretty alright. Let me rephrase that. I love my friends. Here's some info on a couple of 'em.
Sabrina-one of my first friends ever since I moved from LA. She's known as Greenabella from my old story about a chick getting a tatto of Hello Kitty with ashes of dead bodies in it, making the chick invisible. So anyways, she love's the color green, hot cheetos, soda, and is a bit picky when it comes to what she eats. But when she does eat, man, she's a violent creature. Just kidding.
Kylie-this particular friend of mine loves talking about my asianness. It's her obsession, really. Her fave color is yellow, and her nickname is puff since she's peruvian and she reminds me of a peruvian puff pepper. I wasn't really close with her until Sabrina was the end of last year and, I joined in with Sabrina. Go figure!
Ava-this chick has extremely long hair, and gives my awesome rides to school like every day! It's because were neighbors, duh. I'm extremely grateful for it, too, though I only live 10 small blocks away. The way we became friends is my her mom and my mom meeting up one day unexpectedly and they were talking of about how they both have daughters that go to the same school. At first, when my mom told me this story, I thought Ava was some wierd emo chick that hangs by herself, but she was the complete opposite. What was completely ironic about the whole situation is that we were sorta friends already because our friends hung out with each other, and BAM, that's our friendship story. Sorry its long, for those non-readers reading my blog..
Vanessa (the blonde one)-is a friends I recently got real good friends with all thanks to Kylie. She laughs all the time and just moved into my area a couple months ago. She has guts moving in the middle of a school year and loves flowers, just like me.
Arianna (the brown eyes one)- is one of those friends I share similarities with. She looks filipasian, even if she's fully mexican, actually likes school, and we both have the same values etc. We both participated in a speech contest and since I was not ready at all and made a speech in 30 minutes, she won, and she totally deserved it. Deep down, if I won the speech tryouts, I would've felt soo bad because I would've only worked on it 30 minutes while others worked on it from a day to a week.
Alyssa (from church)-is one of my buds in my church. We've been to so many places together and she's the only girl in my church the same age as me. We have tons of things in common, and yeah, a pack of cards bring good memories to our friendship!
Pauline, Sherwin, Jen (LA buds)- were my really good awesome everyday starbucks afterschool frinds, but since they don't 1) answer my calls, 2) reply to my texts, 3) never reply to my emails, YM's everything, they are now my memories. I hope they pick up the phone soon, or else.
Mary (other LA bud)-is one of a couple peole from LA that actually talks to me still. We go to each others parties as much as we can abd are still tight.
I would've wrote about my other friends, but I want to watch Ugly Betty which is coming up soon, so I'm going to stop soon, and I would've wrote about my guy frinds but there's not much to write about guys, no offense for any males out there. Maybe I'll write about them in my next blog.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lakers vs. Nuggets

I dislike the Denver Nuggets. Their refs aren't fair while letting their home team pretty much cheat, everybody in the Nuggets are out for the Lakers, trying every possible chance for them to trip Kobe or Gasol,the game feels as if the whole 4 quarters were rigged, and I lost my voice. Yep, so, I officially don't like the Nuggets. They should overfry in the pan. LITERALLY. No offense for any Nuggets fans, I hope you got your money's worth yesterday.

I'm having second thoughts. The Denver Nuggets wanted the win more than the Lakers. But still. The Lakers can't win like how they played last night. C'mon. They were down by 11 practically the whole game. Now the Lakers are making me a bit mad. Nobody was really helping Kobe, and they also weren't playing like a team. But deep down inside, I have a feeling the Lakers will be the last ones standing. No offense to Cavs or Magic fans. Big offene to the Denver Nuggets.


I have gotten my mind out of my head for the whole day. First, I got a C on my Algebra Test and a C on my science notebook. I'm not used to being average. So anyways, I got home and found my mom talking to me without me hearing her. Do I have ear problems? Like, I was already indoors and still I didn't understand what she was saying. I had a spaced out moment. Afterwards, I went to my sister's place where my two-year old nephew was at and after my mom, dad and I got out of the car, my mom was talking to me again while I was helping my dad move forward so the back of the car wouldn't hit the garage. That's really it. I personally don't like this day. I really just want to go to sleep and eander in my dreams forever. Gosh, this day realy did not go my way. It might not seem like it to you, but geesh, again not my day. For anyone out there actually reading my blog, thank you, I guess. Just because.
I don't like this day. Boo the world.

Monday, May 25, 2009

CVS is not nice...

Yesterday, right before church, my mom, dad and I went to CVS before heading to church. You see, my godmother's birthday was occuring that same day and I got her a gift from Marshalls. Back to the story, I needed a gift bag and CVS was the nearest drugstore, so why not go and buy a giftbag there. Ok, here's the issue. I got a giftbag, got in line, and was next up. Then, the cashier guy went up to me and my mom and ORDERED us to buy our items to the photo area. Man, were we angry to the fact of him literally skipping us when we were already in hurry. So, we complained to the photo lady and what's funny is she told us we should've slapped him and that we have a right to not go to next line or whatever. If only we weren't headed off to church, the whole situation of just walking past the bald cashier after he wanted us to go to the photo area wouold've gone the whole other way. Well, that's the whole story, so don't buy giftbags from CVS!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

hello kitty hello kitty hello kitty hello kitty...

Apparently if you haven't noticed, I'm a Hello Kitty finatic. I've been sucked into the black hole of Hello Kitty's Pepto Bismol attractiveness. I was naturally searching Hello Kitty on google (duh), and found out this site called In this site, one man (I forgot his name so lets call him the Man) just bags on his wife and everything to do with Hello Kitty. There's a skin peeling tattoo about Hello Kitty, beer that has Hello Kitty on it, amazing tattoo's honoring (or hating) Hello Kitty, cookie cutters of Hello Kitty's face, Hello Kitty Bubble Bath's that causes cancer, and so much more. Personally, I would actually accept the fact of having cancer than to hate Hello Kitty. Ok, I'm scaring myself. No more for now, I'm going to throw away my bubble bath collection...

the hello kitty scar

the main hello kitty tough love site (which contains, cookie cutters, beer, bubble baths, and much, much more. enjoy.

Yay for Big Lots, Target and Yoshinoya! Boo Nuggets.

Man, do I love Big Lots. I got a pack of Razzles for 50 cents, a vaccum for 47 dollars, and a big bag of hot cheetos for 2.50. I am also pretty happy because first, I don't have to wake up on whatever my alarm clock wants me to on Monday, I bought a pack of cherry pull-n-peel twizzlers, saw 2 people from my school that I didn't really know at Target (which I got my twizzlers from and some component cable for my family's dvd player), had Yoshinoya sesame wings for dinner the night before, and watched "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" for the first time. It's ridiculous how Kylie, one of my so-called "friends" (quotations are there just for the fact that our friendship is a bit on the tough love side) got me this dvd for my birthday which happened early January and that I was only able to have the DVD player able to work last night. Oh, and the sweetest thing is that I just found my blog instructions paper which told me what to do with my blogging life and that my blogs don't have to be about the outsiders! Again, yay for Big Lots.

So, how was your day? For me, it was filled with the phone ringing at 8am, vaccuming for the first time since my family's vaccum went to heaven, watching Jon and Kate plus eight for a full 6 hours, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", getting new tires for my mom and dad's car, and currently watching the Laker game, hating the Nuggets. No offense to all the Nugget lovers out there, but your players are 1, very aggressive, 2, confident in literally pushing people when their opponent's about to shoot, and 3, just the fact their against the Lakers. That's all I'm ready to say, except boo Nuggets.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

wasting time. (my secret poetry) :)

For once was this girl who read The Outsiders.
She loved the author SE Hinton, that,
It made her blog up about these greasers!

So from one point on the book,
she read how boredom struck two.

"How do I handle boredom?" She asked. "Oh I know, I go to Y/A! (yahoo answers) and ask how to flask!"

So then, she wrote in her blogger site,
"How dare I not write about all my insights."

From Greasers, Hello Kitty, food and more,
this blogger will not be a waste or bore!

**Got my poetry skills on! For all people out there reading this, the flask part was just something I wanted to rhyme with ask. I couldn't stop my flow of rhyming, sorry;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ice cream

I believe Dairy Queen should be promoted from an ice cream and others shop to an ice cream and others heaven. In the Outsiders by S E Hinton, 3 buds ate at Dairy Queen after a couple of days in havoc. The boys were Johnny, Dallas, and Ponyboy. Long story short, from this point on in the book, Johnny had stabbed one of his groups rivals, a Soc named Bob, because he was drowning Ponyboy when they were out in the park late at night. Johnny and Ponboy went to a place to run away from the cops and it was this church on top of a hill called Jay Mounain. After camping out there for a few days, the buddy that told them about the hideout was Dally, the tough guy from their greaser gang. He came by and checked how they were. Since they were near to starvation, Dally treated them to Pepsi's, bbq sandwiches and banana splits. What a delish lunch. Basically, Dairy Queen treats all sorts of problems, such as sadness, depression, hunger, heartache (the mental kind) and many others. Here are some examples of how Dairy cream, dairry, or cream has helped other human beings with their predicaments.

here is one about a proposal.

this one is about a woman talking all about dairy queen

this is a guy talking about how he loves dairy queen

a group of dairy queen lovers...

so if you have a thrive for dairy queen, please comment!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Have you ever been mugged or hit on in the movie theatres and almost called the cops? I personally have never experienceed that, but in the outsiders by S E Hinton, a Soc (upperclass/valley girl/prep) named Cherry Valence has had this happened to her. Dally, the hoodlum of the greasers in the book, was the scum hitting on the girl in the theatres. Imagine a hoodlum greaser trying to hit on you in the most dirty, unacceptable way that standing up to him made you sweat your shirt out. This is an example of what Cherry did. In the future for people who get hit on, don't sweat it. Just stay as calm as you can be when someone is hitting on you, and if you do like them hitting on you, accept the compliments:) If its the other way around, then don't be afraid to take your keys out and defend yourself from a scum, good for nothing, cheap piece of man/woman. thank you.

In addition to being mugged in a theatre (or any other place in the world), hitting for self-defense can boost up your intelligence in being mugged.
1. Take the bottle of SoBe, Monster, CoffeeBean, Arizona, or water from your carry on. Smack whoever is trying to mug you.
2. Kick with all your might! Aim for the stomach, the chest, the area, and the feet. Most muggers are cheap, so its likely for them to have cheap shoes.
3. Grab anything stick-like and scratch their skin and poke their eyes.
4. Yell for all you live for. Bite for what you have sacrificed for. Spit for all you've worked for!
5. Have a nice talk with a cup of tea and settle the mugging in a nice gentle manner...
Yeah right.
6. Have the police handle the rest of the situation and head off with the rest of your day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

which one have you become?

In The Outsiders by S E Hinton, there are two different social rival classes. The groups are the Socs (pronounced Soshes) and The Greasers. Socs are the upperclassmen otherwise known as the valley people nowadays and the greasers were the combination of gangsters and punks. Personally, in the book The Outsiders, I would refer to myself more as a Socs rather than a greaser. The reason why is because I’m not punk/hood at all, nor do I smoke, steal, hang in a gang, and wear baggy nonsense with tight shirts and jean jackets. I’m not a full on valley person to the fact that I’m ‘filipasian from LA’, but I do enjoy shopping, Hello Kitty, and achieving my highest. My life is pretty boring because I currently have an easygoing life, not a reckless unknown whirlwind day filled with watching you and your groups back from being jumped etc. What is your turn on life being a Socs or a Greaser? Are you more into the rebel side of life, or the nice, boring, ‘not knowing what to do with all you’ve got’ slate of everything in the world?