Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yay for Big Lots, Target and Yoshinoya! Boo Nuggets.

Man, do I love Big Lots. I got a pack of Razzles for 50 cents, a vaccum for 47 dollars, and a big bag of hot cheetos for 2.50. I am also pretty happy because first, I don't have to wake up on whatever my alarm clock wants me to on Monday, I bought a pack of cherry pull-n-peel twizzlers, saw 2 people from my school that I didn't really know at Target (which I got my twizzlers from and some component cable for my family's dvd player), had Yoshinoya sesame wings for dinner the night before, and watched "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" for the first time. It's ridiculous how Kylie, one of my so-called "friends" (quotations are there just for the fact that our friendship is a bit on the tough love side) got me this dvd for my birthday which happened early January and that I was only able to have the DVD player able to work last night. Oh, and the sweetest thing is that I just found my blog instructions paper which told me what to do with my blogging life and that my blogs don't have to be about the outsiders! Again, yay for Big Lots.

So, how was your day? For me, it was filled with the phone ringing at 8am, vaccuming for the first time since my family's vaccum went to heaven, watching Jon and Kate plus eight for a full 6 hours, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", getting new tires for my mom and dad's car, and currently watching the Laker game, hating the Nuggets. No offense to all the Nugget lovers out there, but your players are 1, very aggressive, 2, confident in literally pushing people when their opponent's about to shoot, and 3, just the fact their against the Lakers. That's all I'm ready to say, except boo Nuggets.

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