Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lakers vs. Nuggets

I dislike the Denver Nuggets. Their refs aren't fair while letting their home team pretty much cheat, everybody in the Nuggets are out for the Lakers, trying every possible chance for them to trip Kobe or Gasol,the game feels as if the whole 4 quarters were rigged, and I lost my voice. Yep, so, I officially don't like the Nuggets. They should overfry in the pan. LITERALLY. No offense for any Nuggets fans, I hope you got your money's worth yesterday.

I'm having second thoughts. The Denver Nuggets wanted the win more than the Lakers. But still. The Lakers can't win like how they played last night. C'mon. They were down by 11 practically the whole game. Now the Lakers are making me a bit mad. Nobody was really helping Kobe, and they also weren't playing like a team. But deep down inside, I have a feeling the Lakers will be the last ones standing. No offense to Cavs or Magic fans. Big offene to the Denver Nuggets.


  1. yes i hate the Denver Nuggets and i <3 the lakers