Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ice cream

I believe Dairy Queen should be promoted from an ice cream and others shop to an ice cream and others heaven. In the Outsiders by S E Hinton, 3 buds ate at Dairy Queen after a couple of days in havoc. The boys were Johnny, Dallas, and Ponyboy. Long story short, from this point on in the book, Johnny had stabbed one of his groups rivals, a Soc named Bob, because he was drowning Ponyboy when they were out in the park late at night. Johnny and Ponboy went to a place to run away from the cops and it was this church on top of a hill called Jay Mounain. After camping out there for a few days, the buddy that told them about the hideout was Dally, the tough guy from their greaser gang. He came by and checked how they were. Since they were near to starvation, Dally treated them to Pepsi's, bbq sandwiches and banana splits. What a delish lunch. Basically, Dairy Queen treats all sorts of problems, such as sadness, depression, hunger, heartache (the mental kind) and many others. Here are some examples of how Dairy cream, dairry, or cream has helped other human beings with their predicaments.

here is one about a proposal.

this one is about a woman talking all about dairy queen

this is a guy talking about how he loves dairy queen

a group of dairy queen lovers...

so if you have a thrive for dairy queen, please comment!


  1. i totally agree. ( :

    ice cream rocks! ; D

  2. I am quite partial to chocolate extreme blizzards. I think I'll get one tonight.