Monday, May 25, 2009

CVS is not nice...

Yesterday, right before church, my mom, dad and I went to CVS before heading to church. You see, my godmother's birthday was occuring that same day and I got her a gift from Marshalls. Back to the story, I needed a gift bag and CVS was the nearest drugstore, so why not go and buy a giftbag there. Ok, here's the issue. I got a giftbag, got in line, and was next up. Then, the cashier guy went up to me and my mom and ORDERED us to buy our items to the photo area. Man, were we angry to the fact of him literally skipping us when we were already in hurry. So, we complained to the photo lady and what's funny is she told us we should've slapped him and that we have a right to not go to next line or whatever. If only we weren't headed off to church, the whole situation of just walking past the bald cashier after he wanted us to go to the photo area wouold've gone the whole other way. Well, that's the whole story, so don't buy giftbags from CVS!


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