Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Have you ever been mugged or hit on in the movie theatres and almost called the cops? I personally have never experienceed that, but in the outsiders by S E Hinton, a Soc (upperclass/valley girl/prep) named Cherry Valence has had this happened to her. Dally, the hoodlum of the greasers in the book, was the scum hitting on the girl in the theatres. Imagine a hoodlum greaser trying to hit on you in the most dirty, unacceptable way that standing up to him made you sweat your shirt out. This is an example of what Cherry did. In the future for people who get hit on, don't sweat it. Just stay as calm as you can be when someone is hitting on you, and if you do like them hitting on you, accept the compliments:) If its the other way around, then don't be afraid to take your keys out and defend yourself from a scum, good for nothing, cheap piece of man/woman. thank you.

In addition to being mugged in a theatre (or any other place in the world), hitting for self-defense can boost up your intelligence in being mugged.
1. Take the bottle of SoBe, Monster, CoffeeBean, Arizona, or water from your carry on. Smack whoever is trying to mug you.
2. Kick with all your might! Aim for the stomach, the chest, the area, and the feet. Most muggers are cheap, so its likely for them to have cheap shoes.
3. Grab anything stick-like and scratch their skin and poke their eyes.
4. Yell for all you live for. Bite for what you have sacrificed for. Spit for all you've worked for!
5. Have a nice talk with a cup of tea and settle the mugging in a nice gentle manner...
Yeah right.
6. Have the police handle the rest of the situation and head off with the rest of your day!


  1. thank you dear writer, you have inspired me to take Judo classes

    ; D

    love you alexxaa <3