Thursday, May 21, 2009

wasting time. (my secret poetry) :)

For once was this girl who read The Outsiders.
She loved the author SE Hinton, that,
It made her blog up about these greasers!

So from one point on the book,
she read how boredom struck two.

"How do I handle boredom?" She asked. "Oh I know, I go to Y/A! (yahoo answers) and ask how to flask!"

So then, she wrote in her blogger site,
"How dare I not write about all my insights."

From Greasers, Hello Kitty, food and more,
this blogger will not be a waste or bore!

**Got my poetry skills on! For all people out there reading this, the flask part was just something I wanted to rhyme with ask. I couldn't stop my flow of rhyming, sorry;)


  1. uh-huh sureee. you just wanted something to ryhme with flask. nothing to do with anything else right >.>