Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lakers!!!!

I just wanted to say that LAKERS ARE THE MOST AWESOMEST TEAM IN THE WORLD AND DESERVE THAT TROPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its ok Magic, there's always next year...NOT! ok, I'll chill now.

the wonders of a bluberry muffin

have you ever had a blueberry muffin? no, seriously, not that lame vons packaged stuff, but the ones from your own oven? oh geesh, they are miraculous. every time I have one, something good happens to me.

1. I talk to a friend from 3 years ago

2. find some non-expired milk from the fridge:)

3. get to babysit my 2 almost 3(in july) nephew the next day

4. find a wet 20 dollar bill from my wet pants from the laundry

5. buy a hello kitty shirt the next day unexpectedly that's ON SALE

6. find that one of my answers from yahoo answers became voted "best answer" twice:)

7. recieve an email from a good buddy of mine christian, telling me that my blogs are pretty ok (thanks by the way, chris)

8. ALMOST go to aileens party, but then go to an ALL YOU CAN EAT KOREAN BBQ AT CERRITOS!!!! which is so much freaking better than some lame graduating party with no one going & that I have to invite random people from my phone that the person having the party doesn't even know...

9. buy a WII:) yay.

so anyways, the things above didn't happen all at the same time, but still. How awesome are some of those lucky happenings! so yeah. have a GOOD day and eat a blueberry muffin.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what the...? hair problems much?

ok. well, have you ever noticed how whenever there's a new movie out, everybody wants to see it? or when a new pair of jeans from urban outfitters is in stock? like, what the heck. trends are whack. (hehe a little rhyming there:). so anyways, the reason for my absurd-totally against trends thing is because of some chicks on yahoo answers. they took pictures of themselves and asked the yahoo community if they should get their hair cut like that. WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR FREAKING HAIR. IT GROWS OUT EVENTUALLY.

so yeah, people who are too obsessed with their hair piss me off. don't be a hair freak, please, or else I'll erase you out of my memory. aka my skater friends.

no offense to kyle, josh, mr. chorus guy who freaks out paige, ari, ebbie, james, and justin. you guys are still my friends. seriously.
the picture on the right is the picture i got on yahoo answers 3 times. wtf, it doesn't even look good.